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CASE STUDY: Unfolding Inerjy’s Power on the Global Energy Scene

CASE STUDY: Managing a PR Crisis in Trans-Atlantic Remote Work Legal Challenge, Chetu

CASE STUDY: Pelagion’s HydroBlade and Battery Energy Storage System – Revolutionizing Marine Vessels

CASE STUDY: Green Oxen’s Strategic Leap in the LEED-Certified Building Materials Industry

CASE STUDY: Green Partnerships in the Caribbean, How Cadwell Inc. and Grozina Promoted Sustainability Across the Caribbean Islands

CASE STUDY: Overcoming Crisis and Achieving Success, Imperial Fund’s First Closed Securitization During COVID-19 Pandemic

CASE STUDY: SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing, AccuPlace’s COVID-19 Success

CASE STUDY: Maximizing Returns and Overcoming Digital Roadblocks for Atlas Facilities Maintenance

CASE STUDY: Monarch Air Group’s PR and Branding Success in the Luxury Private Jet Industry

CASE STUDY: Nautical Ventures’ Transformation, A Marketing Success Story

CASE STUDY: From Venetian Royalty to Miami Luxury, A Branding and Marketing Success Story for Lucio Zanon’s High-End Italian Restaurant

CASE STUDY: Boosting Sunshine Nonprofit Solutions’ Online Visibility Through Effective Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies

CASE STUDY: Revitalizing Coconut Grove, A Community Engagement Success Story

CASE STUDY: From Foil Balloons to Online Comics, How Grozina Helped Gemma Gené Build Her Brand Through Art and PR

CASE STUDY: Hoopstery’s Slam Dunk, A PR Success Story in Targeting the Luxury Market

CASE STUDY: Rebranding Katrina Moldova Boutique Gallery

CASE STUDY: Bringing Hanson into the Digital Age, Art Exhibition Success After Decade Long Hiatus

CASE STUDY: Competence Air Services’ Digital Marketing Transformation

CASE STUDY: Grozina’s Role in Elevating ADM Securities as a Financial Services Leader

CASE STUDY: Turning iRenovations into iBristles, Rebranding

CASE STUDY: AD Mortgage’s Strategic Advertising Initiative with Grozina

CASE STUDY: From Policy to Prestige, Organizing the Institute of Public Affairs “Policy in Practice” Seminars and Annual Balls