CASE STUDY: Monarch Air Group’s PR and Branding Success in the Luxury Private Jet Industry

Grozina / CASE STUDY: Monarch Air Group’s PR and Branding Success in the Luxury Private Jet Industry

CASE STUDY: Monarch Air Group’s PR and Branding Success in the Luxury Private Jet Industry


Monarch Air Group, operating as Mercury Jets, is a leading private jet charter based in Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Facing stiff competition in South Florida’s luxury private jet market, the company identified a need for enhanced public relations and branding to distinguish itself. With Grozina’s expertise in public relations, SEO, and branding, Mercury Jets substantially improved its brand reputation, appealing to high-end clients.


The company’s primary challenge was to stand out in a saturated market filled with seasoned competitors. While they had a strong operational foundation, their brand messaging and market positioning were not effectively reaching their target audience – the ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals. These clients seek transportation and a luxury experience where privacy, comfort, and exclusivity are paramount.


The strategy devised by Grozina encompassed multiple facets, each meticulously planned and executed.

Firstly, the team undertook a comprehensive brand analysis. This involved dissecting Monarch Air Group’s existing brand elements, messaging, and market perception. The objective was to reshape the brand message to resonate with UHNW individuals, aligning it with the expectations of luxury, privacy, and bespoke services that these clients demand.

Secondly, targeting the UHNW clientele was about messaging and creating experiences and associations that appeal to their lifestyle. Grozina recognized the need to forge strategic partnerships that could offer unique opportunities to Mercury Jets’ clients. A pivotal partnership was established with the Acqualina Resort and Spa and the Estates, renowned for their UHNW clientele. This collaboration was especially significant during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, where guests were offered exclusive travel experiences, blending luxury hospitality with elite air travel.

In parallel, Grozina embarked on an aggressive media placement campaign. This was twofold: to garner high-profile media coverage and to enhance Mercury Jets’ online presence through optimized SEO content. 

Notable achievements included:

  • Coverage in City & Shore magazine with Mercury Jets featured as one of the Editor’s Top 5 Luxury Experiences in South Florida
  • A 6-page spread in Private Air Luxury Homes magazine with a piece titled “Art Lover’s Weekend in St. Petersburg” featuring Mercury Jets as the private air charter company to fly with. Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine is distributed six times per year through all major U.S. FBO’s. Readers encompass professional athletes, A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, politicians and entrepreneurs, all of whom fly privately with annual household incomes averaging $5.8 million.
  • A “Fly & Sea” luxury experience package with Acqualina Resort & Spa, ranked by U.S News & Report as the #1 hotel in Florida and the #1 beachfront hotel in the Continental U.S. by Tripadvisor. The package included 5 VIP tickets to the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show; featured on Acqualina’s website and e-newsletter and distributed to residents of The Estates at Acqualina and guests of the resort.
  • Additional media coverage in Private Jet Daily, Business Insider, Luxury Travel Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal.

Lastly, we developed a variety of SEO content for the Monarch Air Group website to gain traffic, as well as having some of the pieces featured in Departures, a magazine tailored exclusively to AMEX card holders.

The SEO strategy was a critical component in driving traffic and attracting the right audience, ensuring that Mercury Jets appeared prominently when potential UHNW clients searched for private jet services.


The results of these concerted efforts were transformative for Monarch Air Group. The rebranding and strategic PR initiatives successfully repositioned the company as a luxury private jet industry leader. With increased brand awareness, a surge in new clients, and extensive media coverage, the overall campaign was successful. The company’s SEO ranking also improved, attracting visitors to its website. The strategic approach significantly increased bookings and ROI, gaining global recognition and preference for private jet charter services.


The success of Monarch Air Group served as an inspiration to other businesses, both within and outside the aviation sector. It showed the positive impacts of strategic rebranding and PR campaigns, resulting in the emulation of these methods by other businesses. This essentially changed the marketing landscape and stimulated competition.

Grozina’s assistance with Monarch Air Group highlighted the importance of quality over quantity in marketing efforts, pushing other companies to refine their services and customer relations for overall industry growth and improvement.