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These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all goods and services supplied by “Grozina, LLC” – Florida Limited Liability Company – L17000207057 – effective since October 5, 2017 (hereinafter called “Grozina”). By placing an order, the Client accepts these general terms and conditions fully and without reservation, unless specifically agreed otherwise. No special conditions may supersede the general terms and conditions unless formally approved in writing by Grozina. Grozina shall not be bound, save express acceptance, by any conditions contradicting these general terms and conditions and which may be invoked by the Client, irrespective of the point at which such contradicting conditions are brought to the attention of Grozina.

Article 1. Purpose

These terms and conditions are intended to govern the sale by Grozina, to its clients, of marketing and public relations services and related products, and the rights and obligations arising from these sales. These general terms and conditions of sales therefore determine:

– the legal relationship between Grozina and the Client

– the sale process between Grozina and the Client

Article 2. Responsibilities and limitations

Products are purchased under the Client’s sole responsibility. Consequently, in the event that the Client should be unable to use products either partially or entirely, notably for reasons of product incompatibility, Grozina shall not be required to compensate or reimburse the Client and shall accept no liability, except where the product is shown to present a latent defect, nonconformity or fault. Grozina may not be held liable for any damage resulting from incorrect use of products by the Client or in the event of unforeseen incidents or force majeure. Unforeseen incidents or cases of force majeure deemed to exclude liability shall include any facts or circumstances which are irresistible, unforeseeable and outside the control of the parties, notably in the case of national transport strikes and natural disasters including flooding or fires.

Article 3. Acceptance of orders by Grozina

An order is deemed to have been accepted by Grozina only when confirmation has been issued to the purchaser. Accepted or confirmed orders will be fulfilled where possible subject to availability. Grozina reserves the right to refuse a transaction for any reason or to refuse to serve any client at any time at its sole discretion. Grozina cannot be held liable by the Client or any third party for refusal to process a transaction or to suspend any transaction once order processing has begun.

Article 4. Price and payment

Prices communicated by Grozina are expressed in dollars. Depending on the Client’s location and status (private company or international company), prices are shown exclusive of tax or inclusive of all taxes, notably including U.S. sales tax at the rate applicable on the order date. Any change to the rate of U.S. sales tax may be passed on in the prices of products. The price is payable in full upon confirmation of the order by Grozina. Payment of orders is final and non-refundable. 

Article 5. Non-payment and reservation of title

Products ordered shall remain the property of Grozina until the corresponding purchase price has been settled in full.

Article 6. Delivery

Grozina is not responsible for delivery of its products to any location other than its own points of sale. However, it may agree to arrange delivery to another location, in which case all of the costs relating to such delivery (packaging, shipping, shipping commission, customs fees and insurances) shall be borne by the Client. Even in the case of carriage paid shipping, goods are shipped at the Client’s risk. Grozina may under no circumstances be held liable for any damage sustained by goods in transit. Only the named recipient of the goods may lodge a claim with the transporters responsible when the delivery is received.

Delivery times may vary depending on the products and quantities ordered. All delivery estimates given when the order is placed and confirmed are subject to change. Grozina may not be held liable in the event that products are not delivered within the estimated times, which are given for information purposes only. Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Client when placing the order. 

Any claim concerning the exterior appearance (visible defect) and quantity of goods delivered must be notified to Grozina by email to [email protected] within 24 hours following delivery. No claim received after this period will be accepted.

Article 7. Disclaimer 

In all cases, Grozina’s liability in the case of an acknowledged or established error or defect shall be strictly limited to the total amount paid by the Client for the product or service concerned supplied by Grozina, including the costs of returning the goods affected, but excluding any damages or other forms of compensation.

Article 8. Settlement of disputes

The contract between Grozina and the Client is governed by the laws of the United States. In the event of a dispute, the Broward County Court in the state of Florida shall have sole jurisdiction, notwithstanding the impleading of third parties or the presence of multiple defendants.