About Us

We are a marketing and public relations firm based in South Florida. We capture the essence of our clients brand, define their visual brand identity, develop their narrative and tell their story through a variety of creative marketing strategies.
From individuals, family businesses and established companies, we partner with clients in the real estate, finance, marine, aviation, aerospace and government focused industries. We are creative in our approach and selective in our process when we work towards getting the results our clients are looking for. From the initial introduction to the final review, our clients matter and we believe that their success is the best measure for the quality of our work.
Behind our logo is a company that stands for perseverance – like that of a palm tree whose roots grow stronger as it faces hurricane winds. At the heart of our company are industry relationships and connections that have been cultivated over many years and span across several continents, giving it global impact, reach and influence. We are resourceful, prepared and confident that we can get the job done.

Leadership, Founder/CEO

With her clients’ success being of the utmost importance to her, Natalia has a highly intuitive and personal approach when it comes to her work. More often than not, this is what distinguishes her company from the rest. Prior to starting Grozina, she was head of marketing, events and public relations for Miami’s most eclectic neighborhood – Coconut Grove.
Natalia graduated with triple honors and a B.A. in Political Science and French. With an extensive background in journalism, she has traveled to a variety of conferences around the country, published numerous articles and wrote for the New York Post. She has also lived in London, where she pursued her MPA degree in Public Policy and Management at the London School of Economics.
Natalia was born in Russia, and spent a part of her childhood living inside the Imperial Palace of Catherine the Great. It is here where her passion and a great appreciation for art, history and design commenced. She has traveled to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Malta, Croatia, Greece, the UAE, Oman and more, in search for some of the best talents and ideas in the world. She brings a worldly perspective to her work, a wealth of experience, and industry connections. Natalia speaks fluent English and Russian and resides in South Florida.
If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten. - Anonymous