CASE STUDY: Pelagion’s HydroBlade and Battery Energy Storage System – Revolutionizing Marine Vessels

Grozina / CASE STUDY: Pelagion’s HydroBlade and Battery Energy Storage System – Revolutionizing Marine Vessels

CASE STUDY: Pelagion’s HydroBlade and Battery Energy Storage System – Revolutionizing Marine Vessels


Pelagion, a rising force in material science and nanotechnology, identified a gap in the marine industry – the lack of advanced, eco-friendly battery systems capable of powering marine vessels efficiently. Leveraging their expertise, Pelagion set out to create a unique and groundbreaking energy storage system suitable for the harsh maritime environment. Their objective was to design an innovative product that not only aligns with current sustainability goals but also surpasses traditional energy sources in efficiency and durability.


The initial challenge lay in designing a robust battery system, one that could withstand the harsh marine environment. To do so, the team at Pelagion crafted a unique chemical composition that enhanced its durability and waterproofing abilities, while also reducing the risk of fire. Another significant challenge was in bringing the product to market and creating a demand for it in a sector heavily dominated by conventional power sources. This required the creation of a captivating product design and an effective marketing and PR strategy. Grozina, with its extensive marketing experience, was enlisted to accomplish this task.


In partnership with Grozina, Pelagion created the HydroBlade – an electric jet ski powered by their groundbreaking battery system. Grozina focused on designing a visually captivating and marketable product. The team decided on material selections, color schemes, and other design considerations. Grozina also crafted a marketing and PR strategy focused on promoting the unique benefits of the HydroBlade, from its innovative power system to its stylish design. An ion-inspired logo was created to embody the innovative energy technology at the heart of the product, as well as a video that demonstrated the product’s versatility in different environments around the world.


The result of this collaborative venture was an impactful marketing and PR strategy that effectively showcased the potential applications of Pelagion’s technology. HydroBlade stood out in the market due to its unique design and visual appeal, attributed to Grozina’s creative contributions. This positively influenced consumer perception and response towards the product.


The successful integration of Pelagion’s innovative battery system in the HydroBlade marked a significant paradigm shift in marine vessel operations. The unique design and visually striking elements, coupled with the advanced technology, bolstered market interest and enhanced the overall reputation of both Pelagion and Grozina. This collaboration also allowed the HydroBlade to serve as a real-life example of the potential uses of battery technology in marine vessels, further broadening the horizons of the marine industry.