Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

Grozina / Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

If your page begins to drop in rankings, here are some steps to take to correct the problem and maintain your SEO results:

  • Check for algorithm updates. Knowing that your page has dropped rankings because of an algorithm update may give you your first steps to correct the problem. Look for any insights regarding what Google wanted to correct with this update, and use this information to help you improve the content you created.
  • Examine your content for SEO best practices. Make sure that your target keyword has been used in your title, URL, metadata, and naturally throughout the content.
  • Check whether your content is outdated. Look at how recently your content has been updated. Particularly with content that is not evergreen, Google prioritizes content that is new and contains the latest information for readers. If your content is outdated, update the material and update your publication date so that both readers and Google know that your content has been updated.
  • Look at the content that outranks you. Look at the content that has taken your spot. Determine why the search engine might have regarded this content more highly than yours. Is it longer and has more depth on the topic? You may also want to look at the rest of the domain. Websites that have a large number of pieces on a particular subject demonstrate greater authority on the subject then websites that only have a single blog post. This should make it clear why their content outranks yours. 

For content and keywords that are significant to your organization, you will want to use this insight to improve the content that you are delivering. Build the topic further, consider building in clusters, and look for ways to demonstrate your authority in the industry to Google and to your readers. 

Finally, pay for ads on Google or other search engine sites on keywords that you are losing organically. This will help build momentum and drive traffic to your site while you work on recovering organically.

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