Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

Grozina / Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

Rank: Why Am I Losing My Position in SERPs?

If you notice a decline in your SERP rank, consider these strategies to remedy the issue and uphold your SEO results:

  • Look into algorithm alterations. If you determine your page’s rank has dipped due to an algorithm change, this knowledge can provide a starting point to rectify the issue. Take into consideration what Google intended to address with this change, and leverage this data to improve your existing content.
  • Ensure your content aligns with SEO guidelines. Ensure that your primary keyword has been incorporated into your title, URL, metadata, and is naturally dispersed throughout the content.
  • Determine if your content is outdated. Verify when your content was last updated. Especially with non-evergreen content, Google favors newer, more relevant information. If your content is out of date, renew the material and the publication date to inform both readers and Google that the content has been revised.
  • Study the content that now ranks above you. Investigate the content that has usurped your rank. Try to ascertain why the search engine prefers this content over yours. Is it more comprehensive? Assess the rest of the website too. Sites with abundant content on a certain topic indicate greater authority than sites with just a single post on the topic. This may clarify why their content now outranks yours. For topics and keywords essential to your company, apply these findings to improve the quality of content you produce. Enhance the depth of the topic, think about developing clusters, and seek methods to prove your industry expertise to both Google and your audience.

Lastly, invest in advertisements on Google or other search engines for keywords where you’re struggling to rank organically. This can help create momentum and attract traffic to your site as you work on improving your organic rankings.

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