SEO: How do I improve my SEO?

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SEO: How do I improve my SEO?

When users enter a search into a search engine, they are presented with a list of websites ranked based on how well they relate to the search query. The positioning of a website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) significantly affects the visibility and engagement it receives. According to studies, the first SERP garners 82% of clicks, while the second and third receive only 13% and 5% respectively.

On the first page, the top five results account for 67% of all the clicks, with the remaining results receiving just 3%.

Hence, where a website ranks on SERP substantially impacts the number of clicks and visits a website gets. As such, businesses that effectively increase their SEO ranking can significantly improve their website performance and profit margins.

Search engines strive to direct users to the most suitable websites based on their queries. To make your website stand out, you should aim to be:

  • Relevant. Your website should distinctly display its relevance to search engines and potential users, ensuring it fulfills the needs of its visitors. This requires inclusion of appropriate keywords, valuable metadata, and a dependable website layout.
  • Authoritative. The content on your website should display authority on the given topic, preferably supported by reliable references. The intention should not be to attract clicks under false pretenses but to represent your products or services authentically. Ideally, the author has in-depth knowledge in this field.
  • Expert. The creator of the content should have proven expertise in the field. The website should highlight their qualifications so both visitors and search engines can recognize their credibility.
  • Trustworthy. Your website and content should exude trustworthiness. This includes following secure search best practices and avoiding spam-like appearances. Consider how the content can aid users in finding answers.

To enhance SEO ranking, businesses should prioritize the user experience they offer through their website and the quality of content they produce. By addressing users’ needs and providing comprehensive, expert-level content, businesses can elevate their SEO ranking and increase their website traffic.

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