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Google Disavow Tool

What is the Google Disavow Tool?

Google’s disavow tool allows you to notify Google of poor-quality and spam links pointing to your website that you do not want to be associated with. 

A website owner may need to use the Google disavow tool if they previously purchased links from a link farm or if there are many spammy or harmful external links. Purchasing links is a violation of Google’s policies and websites can and have suffered penalties for doing so. 

Should I use the Google disavow tool?

If you intend to disavow links, there are a few things you should know before officially disavowing:

  • The disavow tool should only be used as a last resort after attempting to remove unwanted links manually. In many cases, simply reaching out to website owners and requesting link removal can be effective, and should always be attempted before resorting to the disavow tool.
  • The disavow tool should only be used for specific and targeted links that are harming your website’s performance. Randomly disavowing links or entire domains without a clear reason can actually hurt your SEO efforts and cause further damage.
  • You cannot undo a disavow. Once you choose to disavow links, it is disassociated from your site. 

Understanding what Google considers bad or harmful links and what they consider good links is important. The Google disavow tool should only be used when all other options have been exhausted and a strategic plan for link removal and disavowal has been established. Proper research and careful consideration should always be prioritized before making any significant changes to your website’s SEO strategy. 

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