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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are an important aspect of a successful website, as it encourages a variety of perspectives to be included in one platform. By linking to relevant and authoritative external sites with high-quality content, you are giving readers additional resources that they may find useful, giving your website a higher degree of credibility.

Here are the three levels of backlinks:

Gold – These links connect your site to high-authority and trustworthy sources such as government websites, news outlets and university pages. Unlike you linking to them, these links are them linking to you and are more based on relationship-building than SEO.

Silver – These backlinks are links to government websites, university research and credible news sources that help build your authority, reliability and relevance.

Bronze – These backlinks are links that lead to sources that further develop the content but are not necessarily utilizing the .gov or .edu domain names.

Backlinks are an essential part of building a successful website. Whether you’re just starting or already have an established presence, it’s essential to consider the different levels of external linking to understand what areas of your link building you need to focus on most.

How do I monitor backlinks?

There are two main ways to monitor your backlinks.

  • You can use link:”your website” such as link:”” in the search query. This will pull up the list of sites that Google has that link to your specific website.
  • You can monitor your backlinks using a tool called SEMRush. With SEMRush, you can track new backlinks, lost backlinks and any changes in the quality of your backlinks. You can also see your competitor’s backlinks and what you need to do to outrank them.

Whatever method you choose to monitor your backlinks, a good quality backlink should come from a website that is reputable and has high traffic. We use a host of tools to help you obtain and analyze the quality of your backlinks to determine if they are hurting or helping your website’s ranking and business growth.

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