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Internal Linking

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is the process of connecting pages within a website. This helps visitors find related content and information. By implementing internal links within your website, you help users discover deeper levels of insight you offer on a particular topic.

How do you create an internal link?

Your internal link should only be placed because it offers your readers more information on a particular topic or related information you think would be relevant to them. If this is the case, when linking to a page, make sure that each one you link to opens in a new tab. This improves the user experience because people are able to open the page and read it after they are done with the one they are on, or open the new page while keeping the other one in the background, referring back to it when they are done with the page they just opened. 

Linking to other pages on your website needs to seem natural, and if it is done right, then it will be. It is easy to tell if you have artificially stuffed content with keywords for the purpose of SEO or you added links in a way that is forced. If this is the case, you will ultimately hurt your credibility in both search results and with your customers, from which it will be very hard to recover. 

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