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Creating a content calendar for an entire year can be accomplished with proper planning and organization. 

Follow these simple steps to create your content calendar for the upcoming year:

Step 1: Define important dates and events that are important to your industry.

Create a list of events and important dates throughout the year. This can be holidays, seasonal events, product launches, conferences and other key dates relevant to your industry.

Step 2: Choose your platforms.

Create a second list that determines which platforms you’ll be using to share your content. Will you be posting on social media? Writing blog posts? Creating videos? Sponsoring events? Submitting ads? Know which platforms you want to use and make a list of them.

Step 3: Create a spreadsheet. 

Use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create a calendar that lists all the important dates throughout the year. You can separate each month into different colors.

Step 4: Plan your content themes.

Now that you have your important dates added to the calendar, choose themes for each month or quarter based on the information you collected.

Step 5: Assign your content to specific dates.

Create specific topics for each theme and list them out on your calendar selecting the times and dates you will post based on the dates you chose, and then list the platform you will use on that date.

Creating a content calendar for a year may seem overwhelming, but by following these steps, you’ll have a clear plan in place to deliver quality content consistently throughout the year, on multiple different platforms, and reach a wider audience.

When you invest time and energy into your content strategy, your audience will express their appreciation for the quality of the content you produce.

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