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Shareable Content

What is shareable content?

Shareable content is any form of digital media that is easily shared, liked, and commented on by an online audience. Examples of shareable content can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, images, and infographics. Shareable content is designed to create a viral effect that can generate significant web traffic and boost brand visibility. Creating interesting and informative content is the key to gaining a loyal following and staying top of mind for potential customers.

What is the value of shareable content?

The value of shareable content lies in its ability to reach a much wider audience and generate engagement from many different people. Not only does shareable content bring exposure to your business, it can also foster a connection between people, which can lead to meaningful relationships and more potential customers. Not only are more people exposed to your brand, but since the content is promoted by their connection, this new audience is also more likely to trust the information. Recommendations from others, such as friends and family, are one of the most trusted forms of advertising as people often go to those closest to them for advice when making decisions.

How do you write shareable content?

To write shareable content, it is good to understand why we share in the first place. 

We share things with others because it is a great way to connect, show appreciation, and build meaningful relationships. Sharing our ideas, knowledge, experiences, and skills can benefit those around us and often can create lasting impacts. Whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues, or strangers, by being generous with what we have to offer, we can open doors to learning, collaborating, and connecting with others in meaningful ways.

Once you understand that sharing is about building relationships, you can tailor your content with some key factors:

  • Relevant – Content must be relevant to the audience it is intended to reach
  • Quality – Content should be well written, articulated, error-free and visually appealing
  • Shareability – Content should be easy to share and should appeal to the emotions of the reader
  • Timeliness – Content should be timely and up to date with current trends and topics
  • Engagement – Content should spark conversation and drive comments and interactions from viewers

Shareable content is essential for companies as it has the power to spread the message of their brand quickly and reach potential customers on a massive scale. Shareable content creates an impact in the minds of people that they can relate to and is something they can identify with, whether it is funny, inspiring or even shocking. This encourages people to pass on the message to others and can quickly establish brand awareness and reputation, boosting profits for the business.

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