Content: What is the optimal length for a blog post?

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Content: What is the optimal length for a blog post?

The recommended length of a blog post is 2,000 words.

Blog posts that are overly brief might not give enough beneficial data to your audience, leaving them dissatisfied. One the contrary, blog posts that are excessively long may become tiresome, resulting in readers losing engagement or abandoning your content entirely.

Not all blog posts, however will need 2,000 words of content to deliver the message effectively.

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of my blog?

Your analytics will provide the best gauge of whether your content satisfied your audience’s requirements, including if it was sufficiently lengthy.

You should pay attention to:

  • How many people visit your page
  • How high your bounce rate is
  • The actions people take after reading your content
  • The relationship between your content and business results, such as conversions and revenue

Google Analytics or GA4 offers an efficient way to analyze key performance indicators, which can help to determine the value of your content to viewers. Cookies such as Hotjar, Crazy Egg, Mouseflow, and Mixpanel also aid in tracking user behavior.

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