YouTube: Video Tags

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YouTube: Video Tags

What are YouTube video tags?

YouTube video tags are descriptive keywords utilized to assist YouTube in recognizing and correctly categorizing your content.

How do I decide which YouTube tags to use?

There are two main types of tags: general tags that provide an overview of your video’s category and topic tags that describe specific content within your video. However, it’s crucial to avoid ‘error tags’ which involve common misspellings or errors. Although it may attract a small audience initially, it reflects negatively on your channel’s reputation and could mislead YouTube’s categorization.

Video tags are integral to enhancing your video’s visibility. They aid not just the viewers but YouTube itself in identifying the content and making sure it reaches the correct target audience.

How many tags should I use on YouTube?

There’s no set limit on the number of tags you can use, but the total character count for all tags must be under 400 characters. The average video contains about 5 to 8 tags. Always remember that accuracy is key in tagging. Misleading tags can lead to a high bounce rate and negatively impact your ranking.

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