YouTube: Video Tags

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YouTube: Video Tags

What are YouTube video tags?

YouTube video tags are keywords that you can use to help the platform identify your content and categorize it accordingly.

How do I decide which YouTube tags to use?

General tags: A broad category where your video falls.
Topic tags: Specific topics that your video covers.


Error tags. A popular misconception is to include tags of common misspellings or other regular mistakes that capture a portion of the audience that makes these errors. Maybe in the short term you can capture a small percentage of this population, but you are indicating to YouTube that you don’t know how to spell and wanting to capture the audience of people who are careless to correct their spelling or need video advertising in a different language.

YouTube video tags are an important and valuable tool in establishing the authority of your videos. They are not only helpful for your viewers but YouTube itself. By selecting your tags wisely and properly classifying your content, you are ensuring that it will be found by the right audience.

How many tags should I use on YouTube?

YouTube allows you to use as many tags as you like as long as the total character limit across all tags is less than 400 characters. On average, most videos have between 5 and 8 tags. More importantly, make sure that your tags do not mislead others, having inaccurate tags increases your bounce rate and hurts your rankings.

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