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YouTube: YouTube SEO

YouTube is an international video-sharing and social media site that was started in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Google acquired YouTube in 2006, necessitating a Google account to join YouTube’s 2 billion plus user network.

However, videos that rank well on YouTube can also enhance their visibility on Google’s standard search results. Optimized videos are individually indexed and gain more traffic from video-related searches, doubling your brand’s exposure.

What is YouTube SEO?

Just as SEO is the enhancement of webpage, YouTube SEO is about enhancing YouTube pages and videos. Both YouTube and Google have algorithms to determine video rankings.

Key factors include:

  1. The video’s title, description and tags provide clues to YouTube about its content.
  2. The view count of your video is another measure of success for both YouTube and Google.
  3. Your video channel’s reputation, including follower count and the popularity of your videos, signals success.
  4. Interaction metrics, such as comments, shares and overall engagement also demonstrate to YouTube and Google that your video is well-received.

With a 50% YOY increase in viewing time, YouTube offers excellent growth potential for companies looking to enhance their brand image, particularly as video becomes an increasingly popular marketing channel.

YouTube Video SEO Optimization Tips:

  1. Craft intriguing titles and descriptions – Appealing titles and descriptions filled with pertinent information can help people find your videos and inspire them to click.
  2. Include keywords in your videos – Select keywords relevant to your video’s content and topic, after conducting keyword research.
  3. Add a transcript to your video – A transcript boosts SEO, allows for content indexing and makes it even easier for viewers to find your video.
  4. Promote your video on social media – Sharing your videos on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can increase views and encourage engagement, thereby boosting YouTube SEO.
  5. Design captivating thumbnails – Thumbnails are typically the first thing viewers see when searching for YouTube videos. Engaging images can inspire more clicks.

Well-made videos leveraging YouTube’s marketing potential can reach billions of active users each day.

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