YouTube: Optimizing Videos

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YouTube: Optimizing Videos

Why should I optimize YouTube videos?

High-quality content has always positioned companies for success, but using YouTube’s social media platform can help you reach more consumers. YouTube’s video platform has over 2 billion active users worldwide and with consumers watching more videos everyday, utilizing YouTube in your marketing plans is a good strategy.

Like Google, YouTube has an internal algorithm that determines how videos rank and appear in their video search results page. If your video ranks high, this can help your business exponentially. 

Using our services to optimize your YouTube videos can help you with:

  1. It will be easier for potential viewers to find your content and watch it
  2. Generating greater traffic rates means larger brand reach and conversions
  3. You will increase the odds of having your YouTube videos rank in the standard Google SERPs

YouTube’s exact algorithm remains a secret, but we have placed companies on the first page of search results, and like for them, we can use our knowledge to do the same for you.

Do-It-Yourself Strategy:

Using relevant keywords will help you increase your search visibility in both YouTube and Google.

In detail:

  • Optimize video descriptions and meta descriptions
  • Add closed captions to videos with an SRT file
  • Utilize well-researched keywords
  • Choose the most relevant category for your video
  • Include keywords in the following areas to increase your ranking:
    • Title
    • Thumbnail
    • Video file name
    • Description
    • Tags

Additionally, you should use SEM rush and Google Trends.

In Google Trends, consider the following:

  • How much time did the user spend watching my video?
  • Did they visit my website after watching it?
  • Geographical location of users viewing your videos

In SEM rush, create a content template.

YouTube search trends rank videos based on how appealing it is to the audience that it is trying to target. Metrics such as total and current views, rate of growth in views, where the views are coming from and the age of the video are all important. YouTube selects videos that are most relevant to viewers and most reflective of the broader audience on the platform. 

Remember, the most important element of optimizing your video content or YouTube ad is keyword research, analysis, interpretation and implementation. 

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