YouTube: Optimizing Videos

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YouTube: Optimizing Videos

Why should I optimize YouTube videos?

Producing high-quality content is the key to business success and harnessing the power of YouTube, with its 2 billion active global users, can further increase your reach. Just like Google, YouTube has its own algorithm to rank videos on its search results page. High ranking can boost your business tremendously.

Our services in optimizing your YouTube videos can benefit you in several ways:

  1. Your content becomes easily discoverable and viewable by potential viewers.
  2. Generating high traffic can result in broadened brand reach and increased conversions.
  3. You can raise the chances of your YouTube videos appearing on Google’s standard search engine results pages (SERPs).

YouTube’s precise algorithm remains unknown, but with our experience in landing companies on the first search results page, we can replicate this success for you.

Self-Help Strategy:

Using appropriate keywords can amplify your search visibility on both YouTube and Google.

More specifically:

  • Fine-tune video descriptions and meta descriptions.
  • Incorporate closed captions in your videos using an SRT file.
  • Apply well-researched keywords.
  • Select the most fitting category for your video.
  • Include keywords in these areas to improve your ranking:
    • Title
    • Thumbnail
    • Video file name
    • Description
    • Tags

Additionally, use tools like SEM rush and Google Trends.

With Google Trends, keep track of:

  • How long did the viewer spend watching my video?
  • Did they proceed to my website after watching?
  • Where are the users who are watching my videos located?

In SEM rush, generate a content template.

YouTube search trends rank videos based on their appeal to the target audience. Factors like total and current views, the growth rate of views, the origin of the views, and the video’s age all matter. YouTube picks videos that resonate most with viewers and reflect the diverse audience on the platform.

Note that the key to optimizing your video content or YouTube ad is conducting thorough keyword research, analysis, understanding, and implementation.

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