YouTube: Creating Videos

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YouTube: Creating Engaging Videos

How to Create Successful YouTube Advertising Videos

YouTube, like many other social media platforms, has their own audience insights. This data can be analyzed and used to engage with your audience and to tailor content directly to them.

  1. Create a video advertisement for your brand’s selected target audience. This requires market research, high-quality video shoot capabilities and understanding of what is visually appealing to your selected audience.
  2. Create a target for your ad that will let you get your brand in front of your selected audience. One way to do this is through targeting user interests.  
  3. Your video needs to pull people in immediately. Particularly during in-stream YouTube ads, which many times viewers skip after just a few seconds to watch their selected videos because the advertisements are not compelling. If you want them to watch your entire ad, you will have to give them a reason why. 
  4. Your video should integrate well into the reason why people are on YouTube. People are not on YouTube because they want to receive an advertisement, so your advertisement video must not be a sales pitch, but rather educational or entertaining. In other words, interesting to the viewer.
  5. The human connection is very valuable when creating a successful video advertisement. YouTube ads that include client testimonials, or real life authenticity are often the most successful ones.

A video we created for Tullio, a high-end Italian seafood restaurant in Miami:

YouTube: How are YouTube videos ranked?

Keywords – YouTube uses keywords to understand the topics of videos as well as search terms that users type when looking for videos. These keywords need to be used in the title, description and video tags.

Description – Creating a video description makes it easier for YouTube to know what your video is about and who may be interested in seeing it.

Watch time – Creating shorter videos may keep your audience engaged and increase your ranking. YouTube measures how long people spend watching videos in their entirety. If no one watches your 10 minute video in full length, or they click-off after 5 minutes, you may be better off with something shorter because YouTube will not be ranking a video that no one watches completely.

Number of subscribers – The more people that subscribe to your YouTube channel, the more authoritative you are to YouTube.

Reactions – YouTube looks at how many of your subscribers and non-subscribers like, dislike and comment on your videos, and factors this in as a measurement of how well your video understands its audience.

How do I get my YouTube video to come up first?

  • Create engaging and interesting content
  • Optimize your video
  • Promote your video
  • Add new content on a consistent basis 
  • Analyze your results
  • Repeat the process

YouTube is a great platform for companies who want their own channel, or those that are using the platform to create videos to advertise their product or services to YouTube’s 2 billion active users. Using it right, can lead to a lot of potential customers.

YouTube: Measuring Success

When YouTube videos gain a high number of views and strong engagement numbers, it does a lot for your brand and has potential to what most people refer to as “going viral.” However, people struggle to get their videos noticed and many good videos go unnoticed. Part of this challenge is that people do not often know how to create YouTube videos that their selected audience will respond to, and another part of this is lacking the technical knowledge on how to navigate the platform, analytics and to optimize YouTube videos correctly to appear in front of people.

How To Increase Your Visibility on YouTube

Length: Statistically, the ideal length is 2 minutes and 54 seconds, but this all depends on your industry, opportunities and market obstacles.

Opening: You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on your viewer, as 33 percent of viewers will lose interest by 30 seconds, 45 percent by 60 seconds and 60 percent by 2 minutes.

Branding: Including corporate branded footage, or branding of your company such as your logo into the video footage will help your viewers remember and recognize your work.

Thumbnail: Use a video frame that conveys the content and what they will be seeing in the video. A video frame with a person looking directly at the viewer with eye contact is more powerful and engaging.

Format: Use MPEG-4 and keep your resolution around 1280 x 720 (16:9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD) to make your videos crisp and clear.

YouTube videos on your channel or if you are advertising on the platform can have a positive return on your investment if you are doing them right. How you engage your audience shows a lot and following these guidelines can help you start on your video advertising journey to obtain the maximum possible results.

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