YouTube: Creating Videos

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YouTube: Creating Engaging Videos

Crafting Viral YouTube Advertising Videos

Just like other digital media platforms, YouTube also provides access to its user insights. Analyzing this information can significantly help in connecting with your target audience and crafting content especially suited for them.

  1. Make a promotional video tailored to your chosen target audience. This process demands thorough market research, superior video production capabilities and understanding the aesthetic preferences of your audience.
  2. Establish a target for your ad that will ensure your brand’s exposure to the right audience. This can be accomplished by targeting user’s interests.
  3. Your video must engage the viewers from the start. Especially during YouTube in-stream ads, viewers usually skip them after a few seconds to watch their chosen video if the ads fail to grip their attention. So, you must offer them a convincing reason to watch your complete ad.
  4. Your video must seamlessly fit the reason why users are on YouTube. Viewers are not on YouTube to watch ads, hence your ad must not merely be a sales pitch. Instead, it must be informative or entertaining – in a nutshell, appealing to the viewers.
  5. Human touch goes a long way in crafting a successful video ad. YouTube ads featuring customer reviews, or authentic real-life elements tend to be the most successful ones.

A video we created for Tullio, a high-end Italian seafood restaurant in Miami:

YouTube: How are YouTube videos ordered (ranked)?

Keywords – YouTube utilizes keywords to comprehend the subjects of videos as well as the search terms users input when searching for videos. For maximum effectiveness, these keywords should be incorporated in the video title, description, and tags.

Description – Drafting a description for your video aids YouTube in understanding the content of your video and determining who might be interested in watching it.

Watch time – Crafting shorter videos could hold your audience’s attention and improve your ranking. YouTube gauges the length of time individuals watch videos from start to finish. If no one is viewing your 10-minute video in its entirety, or if they leave after 5 minutes, it might be advantageous to produce shorter videos as YouTube does not favor videos that aren’t watched fully.

Number of subscribers – The larger your subscriber count on your YouTube channel, the greater authority you hold in the eyes of YouTube.

Reactions – The number of likes, dislikes, and comments on your videos from both subscribers and non-subscribers is evaluated by YouTube, and it is utilized as a measurement of how well your video caters to its viewers.

How can I make my YouTube video appear first?

  • Produce compelling and engaging content
  • Optimize your video
  • Publicize your video
  • Continually add new content
  • Examine your results
  • Continue with the process

For businesses wishing to create their own channel, or for those looking to use the platform for marketing their goods or services to YouTube’s 2 billion active users, YouTube is an excellent resource. Using the platform correctly can result in an influx of potential customers.

YouTube: Quantifying Success

Videos on YouTube that amass high view counts and exhibit strong engagement can considerably enhance your brand’s reputation and may even result in the much-coveted viral status. Nonetheless, many people find it challenging to get their videos noticed, and countless excellent videos go unseen. The issue often lies in either a lack of understanding about how to create YouTube videos that resonate with their target audience or a deficiency in the technical know-how needed to effectively navigate the platform and optimize videos.

How to Boost Your Visibility on YouTube

Length: According to statistics, the perfect length is approximately 2 minutes and 54 seconds, but this will depend on your industry, the challenges and opportunities present within it.

Opening: Within the first 10 seconds, you must grab your viewer’s attention. By 30 seconds, 33% of viewers will have lost interest, increasing to 45% by 60 seconds and 60% by 2 minutes.

Branding: Incorporating your brand, such as your logo, into the video helps your audience recognize and remember your content.

Thumbnail: Choose a video frame that accurately represents the content of the video. A frame featuring a person making direct eye contact with the viewer is particularly engaging.

Format: To ensure clarity and crispness in your videos, use MPEG-4 format and maintain a resolution of approximately 1280 x 720 (16:9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD).

Properly crafted and targeted YouTube videos on your channel or as advertisements on the platform can yield positive returns if executed well. Following these guidelines can provide a helpful starting point on your video advertising journey and potentially lead to maximized results.

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