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Video: Video SEO

Video is an important part of a good marketing strategy as over a billion hours of videos are watched every day on YouTube alone. Knowing how to do video SEO, therefore, can help brands ensure that their content receives the attention it needs on SERPs. 

The first step is to target a topic – Think about the person that you want to reach and then research a list of topics that you think they will want to engage with. From that list, come up with keywords with the largest search volume. Once you have the keywords, you can have a main idea of what you want to target with this video and begin to create and guide the content, then use the keywords in the title and tags to promote your video.

When creating corporate videos, offer a more intimate look at your organization and use people in your organization that will help you deliver the message the best.

Research suggests that people like people watching, this is why some of the most successful video channels are of people slicing oranges, peeling potatoes and drinking coffee from a coffee shop. It’s in our nature to observe, connect and relate to other people and what they are doing to see if what we are doing is like them or not. 

The second step is transcript.

Artificial intelligence is sophisticated but it cannot understand video. Instead, it relies on the textual clues given about the video. SImilarly, Google uses tags and keywords to rank videos in search engines, so writing out the transcript and posting it is a good SEO method to promote the video in search engines. With this additional information about the content contained in the video. the search engine will be better able to rank your video. 

After this, you want to build out your entire channel.  

If you are using YouTube, build out your channel. Do not post many videos on a variety of topics, instead, focus on one topic and create many videos surrounding that topic. This will position you as a thought leader in that particular subject to your audience and in search engines, as it will indicate to Google your level of trustworthiness and expertise.

Lastly, share and promote the video – once you create a video, promote the video and encourage people to watch it. Consider again the people that you want to target with this particular video and then think about where you are likely to interact with them. Use that platform to promote your video. The more people who watch the video, particularly those who watch the video all of the way through, the higher your video will rank.

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