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Video: Video SEO

Utilizing video in marketing strategies is vital, given that over a billion hours of video content are consumed daily on platforms like YouTube. As such, it is crucial to know how to optimize your video with SEO to make sure your content is noticed on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The first step is to define your topic – Identify the audience you aim to reach, then compile a list of topics that will be engaging for them. With this list, find the keywords with the highest search volume. This will form the main focus of your video, and will guide its content creation. Incorporate these keywords in your video title and tags to improve its visibility.

In terms of corporate videos, consider giving viewers a behind-the-scenes peek into your organization, and employ the people in your team who are best suited to convey your message.

Observations show that viewers are interested in watching everyday activities, which is why videos of seemingly mundane tasks can achieve high views. We naturally seek to understand and relate to others by comparing their actions with ours.

The next step involves transcription.

AI technology has advanced significantly, but it still can’t understand video content. Instead, it relies on text descriptions related to the video. Similarly, Google uses tags and keywords to rank videos on its search engine, so providing a written transcript is an effective SEO method for promoting your video. This added context helps the search engine better rank your video.

Following this, you should develop your entire channel.

For platforms like YouTube, having a focused and consistent channel is crucial. Rather than posting a plethora of videos on various topics, hone in on one subject and create several videos related to it. This will establish you as an expert in that particular field to your viewers and to search engines, signifying to Google your trustworthiness and knowledge.

Finally, be sure to share and promote your video – once your video is made, market it and motivate viewers to watch. Keep your target audience in mind and figure out the platforms they frequent. Promote your video on these platforms. The more viewers you get, particularly those who watch the video to the end, the higher your video’s ranking.

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