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Video: Thumbnails

What is a video thumbnail?

A video thumbnail is a small snapshot or screenshot obtained from a video, used as a sneak peek of the video’s content. It serves as a visual representation of the video on various digital platforms, like YouTube or social media sites, helping users to quickly get an idea about the video’s content. Choosing an intriguing and compelling thumbnail can aid in boosting the number of views and interaction with your video.

What is the purpose of a thumbnail?

A thumbnail aims to provoke an emotional response from viewers, swaying their decision to watch a video. As humans, our choices are heavily influenced by our feelings, even though we perceive ourselves as logical thinkers. Therefore, choosing a thumbnail that showcases a human face expressing a positive emotion can prove highly effective.

This chosen image should be representative of the video’s content and entice users to click on the video. The utilization of direct eye contact in the thumbnail can create a connection and elicit emotions, enhancing viewer engagement.

How do thumbnails work?

The efficacy of a thumbnail can be assessed based on click-through rates and watch times. A high watch time but low click-through rate might suggest that your thumbnail isn’t appealing enough, leading viewers to bypass your video, despite the content being engaging. On YouTube, a wealth of analytical data is available, offering insight into how many times your video was viewed, completed, as well as the sources of traffic, viewer demographics, and the devices used by viewers. This information is invaluable in understanding your viewer’s needs and gauging how well your content is meeting them.

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