Video: Creating an Effective Video

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Video: Creating an Effective Video

When creating a video, it is important to remember that people are not looking for a commercial or a sales pitch on a product, they want to be briefly informed or entertained. This is not to say that you should not make a commercial or do a sales pitch, but it needs to be done in such a way that the person watching it is actually getting the information they want or need out of it and they find it interesting.

Some advice on creating an effective video:

  • Choosing customers, employees or models that resonate with the audience is important, as they are the ones that will hold the attention of the viewers.  
  • Creating high-quality videos with professional equipment. Videos that are shot with poor lighting and low grade cameras detract from your brand’s reputation.
  • Once you upload your content, make sure that you optimize it by adding tags and descriptions that will help the video stand out.
  • Distribute and promote your video as much as possible by linking to the video from your social media platforms, emails and website. 

What makes a video good?

  • An engaging video script
  • Choosing appealing customers and employees to be in the video
  • Using high-quality video equipment

Why is a video effective in marketing?

Videos as a form of communication is increasingly popular and more than half of business owners prefer them over text as they have had a positive impact on their success. As customers find value in accessing video content, brands are responding by creating interesting and informative content.

What role do videos play in establishing relationships with your customers?

Business owners know that images establish a personal connection with their customers, and videos take it to the next level. Instead of seeing images, people can hear you speak, listen to other customers describing your service or see products in action. Videos help build a more personal relationship with your audience, increase trust and loyalty and can be a major asset for your website.

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