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Optimizing for Google’s Quick Answers

What is Google Quick Answers?

Google Quick Answers is a feature from Google that helps people quickly find answers to their “how to” and “what is” queries by providing results from reliable sources. It also provides multiple perspectives from various sources in one convenient place. Google Quick Answers leverages the power of search engine algorithms to locate the most relevant, reliable sources for its users.

Why do I want to appear on Google Quick Answers?

When Google selects a website to display a Google Quick Answer, they are helping to cast this site as an authority on the subject, such as the example above. The site that displays the answer does not have to rank first on the page– it can fall into organic position 5– but this site gets to appear at the center of the page as Google’s resource on the subject. Gaining this authority can help you increase your brand awareness and reputation, and thereby bring you traffic.

How do I optimize my page to appear on Google Quick Answers?

Your website needs to provide the answer in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. 

Google Quick Answers is a part of Google’s pursuit to provide users with immediate answers and improve their user experience, and the experience on the search engine itself. By optimizing for this feature, you can increase your site’s own visibility as well as your traffic rates, thereby growing your business.

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