PR: What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

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PR: What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

Companies and organizations need to write press releases for a variety of different situations and purposes. For example, some might want to draft a press release to build excitement surrounding an upcoming event, product release or opening. Others might want to write press releases to draw attention to new research they have produced that has the potential to change important assumptions in the industry. Different situations lead to different press releases, but in general, there are four primary types of press releases that organizations utilize for publicizing newsworthy events, services and products.

  • The General Announcement Press Release: A General Announcement press release typically is issued to publicize a wide variety of events such as the launch of a new product or service, the hiring of new employees, a change of location, or a special event. This type of release gives basic facts about the company, the product, and any important dates related to the announcement.
  • The Profile Press Release: A Profile press release focuses more on the company and less on a specific product or service. This type of release is meant to give the public an in-depth look at the business’s background, including how it started, how long it has been operating, its achievements and successes, and other pertinent information.
  • The Crisis Communication Press Release: This type of press release is issued when an organization needs to communicate to the public in an effort to alleviate a crisis situation. Crisis communication press releases contain information about the company’s response to the crisis, as well as measures taken to minimize the potential fallout.
  • The Sponsorship Press Release: This type of press release focuses on an organization’s decision to support a charity or community cause. This type of release details the reasons why the company chose to become involved and gives basic information about the project they are sponsoring.

Use these different types of press releases to help you better engage with the press and build your reputation at the same time.

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