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Cadwell Inc.

Disposing of garbage is a growing concern for small islands in the Caribbean who have little if no space for landfills. Lacking proper management of this waste causes tire fires, a fast-burning event and a slow-burning pyrolysis that can continue for decades. Like all fires, tire fires in particular are difficult to extinguish and produce smoke that carries toxic chemicals such as cyanide and carbon monoxide from the breakdown of synthetic rubber compounds. These fires occur next to hospitals, universities and people’s homes.

Cadwell Inc. is the first company that has removed and recycled more than 3.4 million pounds of waste from the Caribbean. On one island in particular, Saba, the partnership between Cadwell Inc. and the government of Saba, further supports the Netherlands and the Dutch national government’s long-term environmental and sustainability efforts for the island.

“Using modern technology to sustainably recycle and repurpose the materials that get removed from the landfills, you are able to use less energy and trap negative chemicals so that nothing but clean energy is released back into the environment. This reduces smoke and thereby increases the value and quality of the recyclables” said Andrew Cadwell (CEO, Cadwell Inc.)

Grozina’s role was to publish articles and write press releases to help promote these efforts on the island. We focused on the local newspapers, such as Saba News.