During the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis, scientists and companies all raced together to find a cure for the virus. Prior to the coronavirus vaccine — which took less than a year to test, manufacture, and distribute — the quickest development of a vaccine occurred over the course of four years (the measles).

AccuPlace assisted biotechnology companies with manufacturing test kits and helped expedite the process of developing a vaccine. Their pressure sensitive labeling system ensured the reduction of contaminated air breaching and provided more accurate testing and results.

“AccuPlace’s machines have been designed, tested, and refined over many years, making us the ideal candidate to meet the unique challenge COVID-19 presented,” said Mike Terry, Global Sales Manager for AccuPlace. “In the midst of the pandemic, lives were on the line and billions of individuals across the world were desperate for a breakthrough. This was not the time for learning on the job. AccuPlace’s years of experience automating die-cut adhesive assembly was an invaluable asset.”

With scientific and technological advancements, paired with market competition and high demand, AccuPlace played a key role in helping to facilitate the speed at which a vaccine was developed.

Our role was to lead an email marketing campaign for AccuPlace which resulted in obtaining two of the world’s major companies, including one of the 3 well-known vaccine manufacturers, to purchase AccuPlace machines to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

We also supplied AccuPlace with SEO targeted content on their website to increase search visibility and to connect to their audience, by refining the verbiage so that the average consumer outside of their industry could understand it.

Lastly, we photographed and implemented a similar social media campaign.

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