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How to check your page’s speed?

Page speed is an important aspect of on-site website optimization. No one wants to spend more than 2 seconds waiting for a page to load. Sure, customer expectations are high but if you’re not listening to them, your site is at risk of losing ranking, traffic and business. Therefore, keeping your page speed in check is an important part of SEO. 

To check site speed, go directly through Google by loading your URL into the PageSpeed Insights. Not only will this give you the speed, but you will also receive suggestions regarding what should be updated and how. 

You can use these suggestions as a starting point to improve your site speed, but you will also want to look at other factors such as:

  • The images on your site and how they are constructed
  • The complexity of your site design and if it slows down the loading speed
  • Your CMS
  • Whether or not you have submitted a sitemap

Having a website that takes a long time to load can drive away potential customers and result in fewer conversions. For these reasons, it is essential that your website loads quickly and effectively in order to have a successful online presence.

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