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Google Images: Ranking in Google Images

Google images can be a powerful tool to drive traffic and conversions to your website, but only if you understand the factors that influence how images are ranked.

Here are the key factors:

  • File name and alt text: The file name of your image should be descriptive and relevant to the content on your page, and the alt text should accurately describe the image in a way that is helpful to users.
  • Image size and quality: Larger images can slow down your page load times, so it is important to optimize your images for web by compressing them. High-quality images are also more likely to rank well.
  • Image relevance: Google’s algorithms will consider the relevance of your image to the overall content on the page, as well as the context of the image itself.
  • Page content: The text on the page where the image is located is also an important factor in image ranking, as it provides context and helps Google understand what the page is about.
  • User behavior: Google also considers how users interact with images on your website, including factors such as how often images are clicked on and how long users spend looking at them.

Ranking on Google Images is a crucial aspect of any company or brand, but more so for those in the interior design or hospitality world. A good image search ranking in these industries can be the difference between your website gaining significant traffic or fading away into obscurity. Investing time and effort in optimizing your visual content can sometimes be even more effective than building out an entire ecommerce store. After all, what is the purpose of your e-commerce store if no one is seeing your product?

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