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Long-Tail Keywords

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains three or more words. It is more specific than a generic keyword phrase, making it easier to target specific topics. Long-tail keywords usually have lower search volume but are more targeted to an individual user’s needs. For example, if someone is looking to buy a new smartphone, they might type in “best smartphone for under $300” as a long-tail keyword. This provides more information to potential buyers than the generic “smartphone” keyword phrase.

Are long-tail keywords important for SEO?

More searches are made using long-tail keywords than not, however, one has to look at the context to understand why. Long-tail keywords are more prevalent with people using voice search as people search for something in “speaking” format as they would to a friend. This is called natural language. Using long-tail keywords therefore, makes your content more likely to draw traffic in a particular setting.

People use voice search when they are multi-tasking and don’t have the time or energy to type out their query. Voice search allows users to quickly find information and make it easier to find answers to their questions, therefore, voice search and long-tail keywords are optimal for local SEO. 

Bidding for keywords that include “near me” is an excellent way to reach more local customers for certain industries and improve the chances of your website or product being seen. For example, “coffee shop near me” would be an excellent long-tail keyword to bid for compared to other formats such as “coffee shop.” Since local customers are in a rush, they are more likely to search “coffee shop near me” than “coffee shop” when using voice search.

Voice search is also more convenient for people with mobility or vision impairment as it is a hands-free alternative and long-tail keywords in this context can capture a new group of customers.

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