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Long-Tail Keywords

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword refers to a keyword phrase that contains a minimum of three words. It’s more particular than a generic keyword phrase, and thus, it is used to target specific topics more accurately. While long-tail keywords may have a lesser search volume, they align more with an individual user’s requirements. For instance, a person in need of a new phone may enter “best smartphone under $300” as a long-tail keyword, which gives much more details to prospective buyers than a vague term like “smartphone.”

How critical are long-tail keywords for SEO?

Long-tail keywords make up a majority of the searches. However, understanding why this is the case necessitates looking at the context. The usage of long-tail keywords is especially common among voice search users since they ask queries in a conversational style, mirroring a discussion with a friend. This conversational language style makes your content more likely to generate traffic under certain circumstances.

When multitasking or when it is inconvenient to type, individuals frequently resort to voice search. Voice search simplifies the search process and allows users to easily obtain the information they seek. Hence, it plays a crucial role in local SEO in combination with long-tail keywords.

To enhance local customer reach and increase the visibility of your website or product, consider bidding for near me keywords. For instance, instead of simply saying “coffee shop”, it would be more advantageous to use the long-tail keyword “coffee shop near me”, especially for businesses looking to cater to local clientele in a hurry.

Furthermore, voice search and long-tail keywords also prove beneficial to people with mobility or vision impairment. Given its hands-free nature, voice search provides an accessible option, enabling businesses to cater to a new set of customers using long-tail keywords.

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