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Search Volume

What is search volume?

Search volume is a measure of the popularity of a particular keyword or phrase in online searches. It can provide useful information to businesses looking to optimize their websites or target their advertising. Search volume is typically measured in a unit of a single month and indicates how many searches have been conducted on a particular keyword in that month. This metric can help inform decisions such as when to launch a new marketing campaign or how much budget should be allocated to a specific keyword. Knowing search volume can also provide insight into consumer interests and behaviors.

Why is monitoring search volume important?

Looking at your search volume can provide you with important insight about the popularity of certain keywords and how it fluctuates throughout the year.  This can be helpful if you are working with highly seasonal keywords, such as “Super Bowl” or “Halloween Costumes” or more long-tailed keywords that you can use throughout the year. If you’re an e-commerce business in Dubai for example, search volume data can show you the topics that Americans are most interested in buying and can inform your product selection and marketing decisions.

Using search volume can help you begin to compile the keywords that you need to use to build a successful website or advertising campaign. Understanding the difference between exact match data and the rolling average data will help you better understand a keyword’s performance.

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