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Search Volume

What is search volume?

Search volume denotes the total number of online searches performed for a specific keyword or phrase. It offers valuable data for businesses aiming to refine their websites or focus their advertising efforts. It’s generally recorded per month, reflecting the number of times a particular keyword was searched during that period. Insights obtained from the search volume can contribute to critical decision-making, such as the optimal time to launch a marketing campaign or the amount of funds to be allocated to a specific keyword. Additionally, understanding search volume can offer a deeper understanding of customer preferences and activities.

Why is it critical to keep track of search volume?

By tracking your search volume, you can gain vital understanding of the fluctuating popularity of certain keywords over the course of the year. This is especially beneficial if you are dealing with highly seasonal keywords such as Christmas Decorations or Summer Outfits or more long-term, consistent keywords that are relevant throughout the year. For instance, if you run an e-commerce store in Dubai, search volume data from the USA can inform you about American customers’ preferred purchase topics, influencing your product offering and marketing strategies.

The utilization of search volume data can aid in building a list of effective keywords for creating a prosperous website or ad campaign. Grasping the difference between exact match data and the rolling average data can facilitate a deeper comprehension of a keyword’s performance.

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