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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a distinct webpage that serves as the primary platform for prospective customers to carry out a desired action. This is the first webpage a user sees upon visiting your website, designed to feature elements that entice them to learn more about your products or services and turn them into paid customers. Such elements encompass specialized content, persuasive wording, easy-to-see call-to-action buttons, pictures, and videos.

How do you make a landing page design that converts?

Designing a landing page that prompts conversion requires an understanding of human psychology. Even the minutest details, such as the color of your call-to-action button or the wording used in describing your offers, can influence conversion rates. 

What should a good landing page have?

An excellent landing page should have an eye-catching design, an interesting headline, and unique images. Your headline should effectively convey the value your products or services offer, which then piques potential customers’ interest to know more. Featuring logos of renowned companies you have previously worked with and useful customer testimonials can foster prospects’ confidence in doing business with you.

What elements impact landing page CTA?

A landing page needs precise and careful planning to satisfy customer needs and optimize potential conversions. Employing research and data can aid you in achieving your objectives, thereby enhancing your leads and expanding your business.

Factors such as your offers, your images, and your contact form affect your landing page’s call-to-action. The human brain continuously assesses offers in terms of cost against reward. In this case, everything is perceived as having a ‘cost,’ be it money, time, or simply filling out your name and email on a form.

Consequently, it’s crucial only to request the necessary information to offer your product or service effectively. If your offer is a simple PDF download, asking for more than a name and email might be excessive. However, if you’re providing a comprehensive case study with exclusive information, asking for a person’s company position might be fitting.

Lastly, landing pages are more successful at conversions when the call-to-action is phrased in the first person. Buttons with phrases like, “Start my download” rather than “Start your download” make users feel more attached to the product or service they are about to purchase.

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