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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage, created for the purpose of providing a focused platform for potential customers or clients to take a desired action. In other words, your landing page is the place where your customers convert. It is the first page a user sees when landing on your website and can be designed to contain different elements to encourage them to learn more about the product or service and convert into a paying customer. These elements include targeted content, persuasive copy, clear call-to-action buttons, images, and videos. 

How do you make a landing page design that converts?

Landing pages require insight into human psychology. Small details such as the color of your click-to-action button, or the phrasing you use when describing your offer all impact conversion rates. 

What should a good landing page have?

Any landing page should be visually appealing with a compelling headline and unique graphics. Your headline needs to communicate the value that your product or service offers and makes potential customers eager to learn more. Using logos of reputable companies that you have worked with and helpful customer testimonials can also make prospects feel secure about working with you.

Layout pages require precision and careful consideration to ensure that they meet the needs of your customers and maximize your potential conversions. Research and data will help you reach your goals, thereby increasing your leads and growing your business.

What elements impact landing page CTA?

  • Your offer
  • Your images
  • Your contact form

The human brain is constantly evaluating offers in terms of cost versus reward. Everything to the mind “costs” something, whether that is money, time or even just your name and email on a form. 

That said, only ask for information that you need to truly serve what it is that you are offering. If you are offering a basic PDF to download, asking for more than a name and email is too much. If you are offering an in-depth case study that gives them information that they will not find anywhere else, asking for a person’s position at the company may be appropriate.

Lastly, landing pages see more conversions when the CTA is written in the first person. Buttons that say things like, “Start my download” instead of “Start your download” make people feel more connected to the product or service they are about to buy. 

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