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Imperial Fund Featured in Private Air Luxury Homes

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine reaches out to a captive audience of the world’s wealthiest individuals, providing them with information and editorials on the desirable luxury items they covet. The magazine is distributed six times a year to private jet owners and guests, both private and corporate, and provided through all major United States FBO’s. Readers encompass professional athletes, A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs, all with annual household incomes averaging $5.8 million. This select group invests more than $144 billion in real estate annually, and an incomparable amount in luxury art and goods.

Imperial Fund is a mortgage investment fund that acquires and manages investment portfolios of mortgage loans and real estate debt securities.

As part of the public relations strategy that ran before and during their first securitization, Grozina did a series of features in both online and offline publications. The “Broaden Your Horizons in 2020 and Diversify Your Portfolio with Alternative Investments” article was featured in the Finance section of the magazine’s January 2020 issue.


Diversifying Your Portfolio with Alternative Investments

In 2020, investing is more than a portfolio of stocks, bonds and commodities. With market fluctuations that often cause concern for many investors, it’s only natural that some begin looking for nontraditional investments – which is where alternative investments, or ALTS, come in. The main purpose of this is to own assets that don’t fluctuate in lockstep with the stocks and bonds market. From a portfolio diversification standpoint, these types of investments are attractive especially in times of chaos – though one should always consider their portfolio carefully given the circumstances, investment strategies and long-term investing goals and plans. As long as you understand what you are investing in, alternative investments can give you a well-rounded portfolio against the volatility of the stock and bond market conditions. 

Here is a look at four alternative investment opportunities you should consider in 2020:

Real estate.

While real estate is one of the more common alternative investments, many people correlate real estate with residential homes and commercial office buildings. Land, however is a good uncommon alternative investment. With thousands of acres of raw land for sale, you could sell it for a large profit to developers down the road. Given the way industries are constantly changing and evolving and how the future is moving, urban commercial land is also a great alternative investment. With businesses such as Amazon expanding into 1-day deliveries, the demand for urban storage facilities to facilitate these orders and other businesses to follow suit will only rise. 

Wine, art and collectibles.

These types of alternative investments appeal to investors (or rather collectors) who attach an emotional value to beautiful works of art or to satisfy their personal yearning for a certain type of collection. Diversifying your more traditional investment portfolio with these types of investments can round it out, and some pieces fetch extremely high prices – just look at Sotheby’s. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, art was a top performing asset class in 2018, beating gold, real estate, classic cars and S&P 500. As hard as these types of investments are to value, they should not be underestimated.

Real estate debt.

While real estate is often used to grow wealth, real estate debt is different to investing directly in real estate; The real significant difference is that real estate equity investments can be subject to the investor’s initial capital being at risk, while real estate debt investments tends to provide stable returns and low volatility when it comes to comparing it to more traditional investments such as the stock market. For example, by limiting the loan-to-value of a real estate debt portfolio to 65%, the asset itself would have to lose at least 35% of its value before a loan-to-value of 65% would affect the investor’s capital. Real estate debt investments include high yielding and distressed bonds and loans secured by first position mortgages or real estate property or small commercial loans secured by real estate assets. This type of alternative investment is more short-term and can provide a high yield fixed income with returns of 6-9%. 

Direct investments in start-ups and private companies.

Investing into start-up companies is also referred to as angel investing. As opposed to private equity investing where firms would raise funds and take capital from both institutional and non-institutional investors and place these funds in private companies, angel investing allows you to do that directly as opposed to investing into a private equity fund. Similar to private equity funds, venture capital firms specialize in early stage investing and raising funds from high-net worth individuals and institutions. Although this type of investment is on the riskier side, venture capital investors in start-ups like Google, Facebook and Twitter all made significant returns. 

Choosing the Right Partner to Grow Your Wealth

To truly capitalize on your growth and return, you need the right partner with the right approach. Benefits, expertise and experience vary widely across the spectrum. Choosing the wrong partner can lead to lost opportunities. Above all else, the best alternative investment partner has commitment to and experience in alternative investments. 

Imperial Fund brings more than 100 years of combined mortgage and investments experience including trading, capital markets, structured finance, assets, liabilities and risk management. With a demonstrated ability to evaluate and select assets that are optimal at given points in the cycle, Imperial Fund has a successful track record of stable yield for investors and a strong management commitment of $30 million of working capital with long term commitments of $10 million. 

In other words, you want to avoid investing into a fund that is just looking to cash in on a growing alternative investments trend, and seek out a firm that has the resources, commitment and track record to grow your wealth.