Imperial Fund Featured in Private Air Luxury Homes

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine reaches out to a captive audience of the world’s wealthiest individuals, providing them with information and editorials on the desirable luxury items they covet. The magazine is distributed six times a year to private jet owners and guests, both private and corporate, provided through all major United States FBO’s. Readers encompass the market of individuals you seek to reach: professional athletes, A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs, all with annual household incomes averaging $5.8 million. This select group will invest more than $144 Billion in Real Estate annually, and an incomparable amount in luxury art and goods.

Imperial Fund is a mortgage investment fund that acquires and manages investment portfolios of mortgage loans and real estate debt securities. Imperial Fund brings more than 100 years of combined mortgage and investments experience including trading, capital markets, structured finance, assets, liabilities and risk management. With a demonstrated ability to evaluate and select assets that are optimal at given points in the cycle, Imperial Fund has a successful track record of stable yield for investors and a strong management commitment of $30 million of working capital with long term commitments of $10 million.

Imperial Fund is featured in the Finance section of the January/February 2020 issue of the magazine, with an article on alternative investment opportunities for 2020.