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Grozina Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Acquisition International

Award: Most Innovative Renewable Energy PR & Communications Agency – USA

Since 2010, Acquisition International has been committed to rewarding the leading players within a variety of industries through their acclaimed industry awards. As part of their process, they closely monitor current trends across the corporate landscape, shaping the focus of their programs accordingly to reflect these developments.

With this in mind, Acquisition International launched the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 to recognize the growing importance of ethical and environmentally conscious business practices worldwide. In recent years, CSR initiatives have evolved from being considered a superficial PR strategy to now being seen as an integral foundation for success, with most businesses taking serious steps to place this at the forefront of their development plans.

As more countries are implementing state mandated CSR regulations, companies that can efficiently meet or exceed these goals stand the best chance of maximizing profits and cementing their brand value in the evolving corporate world. Acquisition International magazine aims to recognize the top companies and professionals investing in these social and environmental issues, whether that be through sustainability initiatives, reducing carbon footprint, taking part in charitable giving, or making commitments to diversity and equality.