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YouTube: Data

YouTube gives an opportunity to individuals, entrepreneurs, big firms, and government bodies to interact with more than 2 billion users worldwide. YouTube has a wide audience range and is used as a medium for advertisers to enhance their brand visibility and promote their product, service, or cause. It is crucial to track and interpret your work to get the most optimal results and can use data to optimize your strategies and create content that appeals to your target group.

Data is an invaluable resource, as you produce high-quality and informative videos that help people to gain better insight or learn about various topics, you are promoting your brand and offerings.

Tracking Website Traffic from YouTube

To make it simple for users to visit your website from YouTube, you can add a link to your webpage in your video description and on your YouTube brand’s page. However, it is noteworthy that YouTube is not renowned for significant amounts of traffic redirection from its platform for numerous reasons.

YouTube is a complicated platform and the click-through rates are different based on the content and where on YouTube the impressions were shown. On average, most channels and videos on YouTube have an impression CTR that varies from 2% to 10%. New videos or channels that are less than a week old or videos with less than 100 views even have lesser impressions.

The most common mistake that advertisers make on YouTube is that they start to compare their videos on their channel. But YouTube compares each video against all the other videos that a user might watch. So, your initial video may be performing better than your subsequent videos on your channel, but it could be that videos from other channels are performing better which is why you aren’t seeing your desired results.

If substantial traffic to your video is coming from outside of YouTube, you might also have more views but fewer impressions.

Impressions are only considered by YouTube when videos are seen on computers, TV’s, gaming consoles, Android, iPhone, and iPad’s. However, if someone is using any of these devices and your video is playing in the background (no visible impression) or being watched on another website where your video is embedded, these are not counted.

While YouTube can be an invaluable tool for businesses to improve brand awareness, measuring your success can be tricky as it functions quite differently than other more traditional social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

It can be helpful to have a competent marketing and advertising partner to guide you through the process of improving your video marketing strategy and navigating the YouTube platform. Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy will put you ahead of your competitors and lead your business towards success.

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