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YouTube: Data

YouTube offers individuals, small business owners, large companies and government organizations the opportunity to reach over 2 billion users across the world. YouTube reaches a broad audience, and is used as a social media platform for advertisers to boost brand engagement and awareness of their particular product, service or cause. Understanding how to monitor and analyze your efforts produces the best results as you can use data to streamline your efforts and create content you know works well with your audience.

Data is a valuable tool, and as you create engaging high-quality videos that help people better understand or learn about topics of interest, you expose them to your brand and what you have to offer. 

Analyzing Website Traffic from YouTube

You can make it easy for people to click through to your website from YouTube by including a link to your page in the description of the video and on your brand’s YouTube page. However, it is important to note that YouTube is not known for large amounts of referral traffic from it’s platform for a variety of reasons.

YouTube is a complex platform, and click-through rates vary based on the type of content and where on YouTube the impressions were shown. The majority of all channels and videos on YouTube have an impressions CTR that ranges between 2% and 10%, and new videos or channels (those less than a week old), or videos with fewer than 100 views have even less. 

The mistake most people make when advertising on YouTube is that once they begin to create videos, they begin to compare the videos on their channel against the other videos within their channel. However, YouTube ranks each video against all the other videos a viewer might watch. So, your first video may be doing better than your second or third video on your channel, but it may be that videos from other channels are performing even better and that’s why you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.

If large amounts of traffic to your video come from outside of YouTube, you may also have more views but less impressions.

YouTube considers impressions only when YouTube videos are seen on computers, TV’s, game consoles, Android, iPhone and iPad’s, but if someone is on any of these devices and your video is played in the background tab (no visible impression) or being watched on someone else’s website where your video is embedded on, these are not counted. 

YouTube is a valuable resource for a business to increase brand awareness, but it can be a challenge to measure your success primarily because it works much differently then some more common social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Using the right marketing and advertising partner to help you gain the insight you need to improve your video marketing strategy and navigate the YouTube platform can be beneficial. Integrating videos into your marketing strategy will put you at the front line of businesses and lead your company towards success.

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