Website: What is Universal Search?

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Website: What is Universal Search?

Universal search refers to the inclusion of images, local business listings, and rich snippets on Google’s results page. This approach contrasts with Google’s past methods, where only website links would display in response to a user’s search input. Universal search embodies Google’s capability to blend results from various verticals into one integrated Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

How does universal search work with SEO?

The nature of material presented changes based on what individuals typically seek with a certain inquiry. For instance, if you search for “Nike”, you will find a blend of ecommerce advertisements, ordinary web pages and company data on Wikipedia. Conversely, when you look up “how to make sticky rice”, you are shown news articles, video clips, links to recipes, and other popular inquiries.

Grasping the concept of universal search can significantly aid in enhancing your business’s visibility. Recognizing your placement in universal search for specific keywords and subsequently comparing your content to that of your competition will assist you in producing superior content.

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