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Website Migration

What is a website migration?

A website migration is the process of bringing the content of your website from one domain to another. There are a variety of reasons that require this type of move. For example, Google has indicated that HTTPS is viewed as a slight ranking signal. Brands that wanted to take advantage of this feature would have to migrate their websites from the HTTP version to the HTTPS one. Other organizations might have a website migration when they rebrand or change their business name.

What happens to my content during a website migration?

When done correctly, your website migration will allow you make necessary website changes while continuing to build upon the success of your old website. In other words, you do not have to lose the SEO already done, including backlinks. By protecting this information and data, you will be able to start your new website with a high-rank, preventing potential drops in traffic and revenue for the business.

What are the steps I need to take in order for the website migration to be successful?

At the start of your migration, use 301s to redirect people from the old website to the new website. Make sure that the new pages you redirect traffic towards are optimized for the same keywords as the original pages. During a website migration you will be redesigning a website and will be doing work with the code. This makes it the perfect opportunity to make some of these adjustments.

Run a website audit after finishing your transition. Once you officially make the switch to the new website you want to make sure that your website has been properly configured and that your visitors are finding it. A website audit will help you uncover any potential problems so that you can make adjustments before they cause too many problems.

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