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Website Migration

What is the meaning of a website migration?

A website migration refers to the process of shifting your website’s content from one domain to another. Various reasons might necessitate this move. For instance, if you wish to benefit from Google’s slight ranking signal, HTTPS, you will have to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS. Alternatively, companies may need to carry out a website migration if they choose to rebrand or alter their company’s name.

What happens to my content during a website migration?

If executed properly, your website migration will allow you to implement necessary website modifications while retaining the accomplishments of your old website. This implies you don’t have to give up on the SEO efforts you have put in, including the backlinks. Safeguarding this data and information means your new website will begin with a high rank, thus preventing potential traffic and revenue decreases for your company.

What are the actions necessary to ensure a successful website migration?

Start your migration by using 301s to reroute visitors from the old to the new website. It’s essential that the new pages you are redirecting traffic to are optimized for the same keywords as the initial pages. During a website migration, where you are recreating a website and working on the code, it presents a perfect opportunity to make these modifications.

After your transition, conduct a website audit. Once the transition to the new website is complete, it is vital to ensure that your website is correctly set up and easily accessible by your visitors. An audit of your website will help you identify potential issues, allowing you to make adjustments before they cause significant problems.

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