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Title Tag

A title tag is what appears belowthe URL on the search engine results page. It is one of the factors that influences whether a user will click on the link. For example, the title tag: <title>Grozina – Marketing and Public Relations</title> will appear as:

How do you write a title tag?

  • Use keywords that accurately describe and capture the value and content of your page.
  • Be brief but effective. Keep title tags under 55 characters. You do not want your title to get truncated, and there is limited space available for the tag.
  • Create a tag that captures the eye and engages people immediately.
  • Create a unique tag for every page. This will keep you from being penalized for duplicate content.
  • Always review your title tags after you have finalized your content to make sure it is still a good fit.
  • Monitor your page traffic to see how it is performing.
  • Make adjustments when necessary. 

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