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Optimization Best Practices for Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Amazon is an online shopping platform that has revolutionized the way we shop online. It is used by billions of people around the world and provides customers with an expansive selection of items across many categories, including books, toys, electronics, office supplies and even furniture items.

Unlike the Google algorithm, which is designed to keep people coming back to the search engine repeatedly, Amazon’s A9 algorithm allows the platform to focus on converting customers. 

Amazon’s A9 algorithm works entirely based on the information contained within Amazon and there are no outside ranking factors that might influence how frequently or highly products appear. 

Instead, products are ranked based on how closely they align to what users want to buy and factors likely to interest users, such as price.

Here are areas that you will want to optimize to make sure that your products rank as highly as possible in Amazon:

  • Your reviews
  • High-quality images
  • Well-versed descriptions
  • Product information
  • Answering questions

Your reviews. Customers like to see plenty of customer reviews and they want to see products that have a lot of stars. Leaving inserts in your packages can remind people about the importance of reviews. If you get negative reviews, work to address the issues as much as possible, including trying to correct the problem.

High-quality images. Since customers cannot touch and see the product in person, they rely on images to let them know what they buy. High-quality images from a variety of angles can help create the best possible perception of your product. 

Well-versed descriptions. Optimize your product descriptions to match your product to as many applicable searches as possible. You want the words the customer searches for to appear somewhere in your product description to maximize your visibility. Also, be sure to use keywords in your product title, product descriptions, and backend keywords. You can use tools such as Helium 10 to research, monitor and begin to optimize your Amazon business. 

Product information. In addition to your product description, fill out as much of the product information as possible. You can enter information such as dimensions, material type, color, and manufacturer. This can help your product appear in searches when customers use product filters that help them narrow down their options.

Answering questions. People buying products online often have questions that can be answered from a basic product description. Actively answering questions that arise can improve how customers perceive your business and provide information that can encourage people to purchase.

Amazon has become an important e-commerce platform that businesses want to take advantage of as much as possible. With the enormous number of customers operating on the platform, optimizing your products to capture these customers will help grow your organization.

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