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What is robots.txt?

The robots.txt is a text file used to guide web crawlers, search engine bots, and other automated tools on how to interact with your website. This file allows you to deny access to certain parts of your site or provide directions about what areas should be indexed and when they should be checked for updates. Using robots.txt allows you to secure your website’s content, control who accesses your webpages, and prevent the possible SEO complications that can arise from having duplicate content or an under-construction site.

Common mistakes with robots.txt

A common misconception is that robots.txt can keep certain content private by directing search engine crawlers to avoid specific pages. However, many unscrupulous bots do not abide by this file, and as such, your information could still be at risk. Therefore, more robust security measures are required for sites hosting personal data.

Where should robots.txt be located?

Robots.txt should be located in the base directory of your website or URL.

The * and / symbols hold significance when utilizing a robots.txt file. A * instructs the robot that the command is applicable to all web crawlers, whereas a / signifies that the rule relates to all pages on a particular site.

When appropriately utilized, robots.txt can be a helpful tool, allowing you to guide how and where search engine bots investigate your website.

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