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Rich snippets

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are snippets of content on web pages that provide users with a better idea of what is contained on the page. They provide additional details such as pricing, videos and images. This helps the user to quickly understand the page’s content, thus allowing them to make better informed decisions on whether or not they should explore the page further. Rich snippets can improve website search engine optimization by giving search engines additional data to index and display in search engine result pages. Done correctly, they can bring a lot of traffic to your website as well.

Do rich snippets help SEO?

Yes, rich snippets can help with SEO. Rich snippets allow search engines to gain more context on webpages, which makes it easier to rank relevant results. Rich snippets use tags like “title” and “meta description” to summarize content in an easily accessible format. This can result in a higher click-through rate and more traffic to your website.

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