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What is the RankBrain Algorithm?

The RankBrain algorithm is an artificial intelligence and machine-learning system that Google developed to analyze “never seen before” search queries. It looks at user intent behind the query and works to return the best possible results. The technology was developed to help Google understand the 15% of new search queries each day that the search engine has never seen before to better serve them.  Since then, RankBrain has been involved in most search queries entered into Google.

Why is RankBrain important?

Although RankBrain was developed to focus on the “never seen before” queries seen daily, this part of the algorithm is now a critical part of all organic search. Taking away the program would hinder the user experience so much that it would be about the equivalent of failing to index half of the pages on Wikipedia.

RankBrain introduced AI into the Google algorithm, and made their algorithm smarter in order to maximize the user experience. 

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