Coconut Grove Business Improvement District

Coconut Grove is Miami’s heart. The oldest and most eclectic neighborhood was founded in 1873 by a mix of pioneers, artists, intellectuals and adventurers. “The Grove,” as the locals like to call it, is a tropical oasis with a laid-back atmosphere, charming boutiques, Michelin-star restaurants, sidewalk cafes and sailboats anchored at the bay. The neighborhood’s distinct bohemian spirit and lush canopies make it Miami’s favorite neighborhood.

Key initiatives completed for the Coconut Grove BID:

  • Production of a branded and illustrated city walking guide. The last historic map included photos from the early 1900’s and were very text heavy, which took away some of the appeal. We decided to take the visitors and tourists on a scenic walk around the neighborhood using colorful imagery, iconic places and more relevant information. The guide was narrated to encompass the history and bohemian spirit of Coconut Grove and illustrated by a local artist, Eileen Seitz, whom also painted the information kiosks you can spot around the neighborhood. With all the buzz from locals and neighbors alike, we generated a 45% increase in followers on Facebook, 285% on Instagram, 50% on Twitter and 74% on Pinterest in (2014-2015 YTD).
  • Event marketing, promotion and production of Coconut Grove’s 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, Christmas Tree Lighting, St. Alban’s Toy Drive and monthly Fashion + Art + Music nights. Our marketing efforts led to Coconut Grove’s first sponsorship with Vita Coco and the Miami Marlins, as well as over 10,000+ people in attendance for the fireworks celebration, leading the City to hire additional off-duty police security and creating earned revenue for the BID’s 250 small businesses and 110 property owners unlike ever seen before.
  • Production of The Grovite quarterly newspaper and e-newsletter. Our marketing efforts led to distribution coverage from 8 to 16 zip codes, as well as editorial contributions from businesses in the district and the Grovite’s first advertisement sale to offset production costs.
  • Production of a weekly e-newsletter, maintaining an open rate of 19%, when digital marketing was just beginning.
  • Creation and conceptualization of Coconut Grove’s first lifestyle blog in 2016, with a focus on compelling editorial content, implementing drone footage (before drone and aerial photography was widely used).
  • Creative direction for the Coconut Grove’s first mobile app with parking features as well as the street navigation and way-finding signage seen today.

* Additional examples of our work can be found on pages 9 through 17 of the 2015 Coconut Grove BID Annual Report.