Local SEO: How Do You Do Local SEO for Multiple Locations? 

Grozina / Local SEO: How Do You Do Local SEO for Multiple Locations? 

Local SEO: How Do You Do Local SEO for Multiple Locations?

To effectively perform local SEO for multiple locations, there are a few key steps to follow:

  • Have a separate page for each location: Create a page on your website for each of your locations. These pages should speak specifically about the services that you offer in that particular location and contain content targeted at people in that specific area. More importantly, make sure that the URL of your pages is easy to understand. For example, set up your website so that you have yourwebsite.com/locations/portland and yourwebsite.com/locations/miami for those two locations. This will make it easy for Google and the users who visit your website to understand that you have multiple locations. 
  • Optimize each location page: Your content should include keywords related to each specific location. If you offer photography services, then make the content of each of your location pages include photography destinations, as an example. You want to tailor the material for the local clientele. This is key for local SEO as search engines associate web pages with physical locations.
  • Have Google My Business pages for each location: Use Google My Business for each of your locations and update the content regularly. You can use the same account to manage all of the locations but each business profile needs images, business hours, contact information, and website URLs specific to its location.

Local SEO for multiple locations is essential for businesses looking to build their customer base and establish their brand presence in a variety of geographic regions. By following the steps above, businesses can ensure that customers searching in a certain area can easily find them. 

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