Content: Why should I write?

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Content: Why should I write?

How do I choose what to write about?

Your readers can quickly pick up on your knowledge, and it is best to write on topics that you know most about, as this will allow your readers to get the most out of what you write. Choose a topic that you are first interested in and passionate about, and then you can research keyword search volume to understand which keywords are important to include in your post for your audience to find you. Your focus should always be on creating good quality content and not on visibility, as your audience and Google will pick up on it.

Why do people write?

Some people write to inspire others. They create stories that will uplift others’ spirits and give hope in times of despair. Inspirational writers’ goal is to share experiences and lessons that they have learned in life in hopes that others will avoid the same mistakes they have made and find joy in their own journeys.

Others write to inform people of what they have discovered. These are usually people who conduct research, document their experiences, or investigate something they’re curious about. Informative writing has a more practical purpose; it aims to share information, insights, and ideas.

Some people write for pure enjoyment. These are people who just love to write for fun, create stories, and bring their ideas to life. Writing becomes an enjoyable and exciting adventure, allowing them to explore their imaginations and experiment with their creative side.

Why should I write?

Regularly writing and creating content will improve not only your writing ability but also your research and critical thinking skills. You may even find that blogging leads you down new paths and career opportunities you had never considered before. In this way, a blog is a platform to grow and develop your own skills.

Blogging offers a creative outlet, allowing you to express your ideas in a unique and creative way. Through your writing, you can share your passions, opinions and knowledge with others and inspire them to take action and make a difference in their own lives and communities. 

Before the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, there was Xanga. Xanga was a popular social networking platform that emerged during the early 2000s as a blogging website that allowed users to create their own personalized webpage and share their thoughts, ideas, and daily musings with their friends and followers.

At its peak, Xanga boasted over 40 million users and was one of the most popular websites on the internet. However, with the emergence of new social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Xanga’s popularity waned, and it eventually shut down in 2013.

What is important to remember about Xanga, however is that it was more than a social media platform. It was a tight-knit community, and where there is a community, you will find that the more you share your ideas, the more you will attract like-minded individuals who share your passions and interests. You may even find yourself building a loyal audience of readers who look forward to reading your work.

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