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Anchor Text

What is anchor text?

Anchor text refers to the clickable words or phrases within a hyperlink that leads you to another page. For example, “dog grooming” is the anchor text in the following sentence: “Here is a great place for dog grooming.”

If you look at the HTML code, you will see the following:

<a href=”https://websitethattakesyoutoadoggroomingplace”dog grooming>/a>

Anchor text serves two purposes. First, it helps search engines understand the context and relevance of the page you’re linking to. In this example, “dog grooming” as the anchor text for a hyperlink has search engines assume that the linked page is about dog grooming.

Second, it provides a useful cue for users to know what to expect when they click on a hyperlink. If you’re browsing an article about cooking, and you see a hyperlink that says “Click here to see our recipe for homemade pizza dough,” you know what you’re getting yourself into.

What are the different types of anchor text?

  • Exact match (which includes the exact keywords you want to rank for)
  • Partial match (which includes some of your targeted keywords)
  • Branded (which uses your company name as the anchor text)
  • Generic (which uses non-specific phrases like “click here”)

Anchor text is an important part of both search engine optimization and user experience. By choosing relevant, descriptive, and well-written anchor text, you can help guide users through your website while also giving search engines valuable information about your content.