Competence Air Services

Competence Air Services, Inc. is an air conditioning service company offering installation, maintenance, repair and duct work in Pompano Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Grozina’s services included: website re-design and branding, logo design, graphic design and illustration, search engine optimized content development, social media management and lead generating marketing strategies.

Before Grozina, the company had a basic GoDaddy website with broken links and no information that could lead to potential sales or conversions. We took the essential identity of the company (sunshine and pink lettering) and turned it into a website with search engine optimized content, quality photography, research backed articles on the importance of air quality and an online booking system for user friendliness.

We implemented social media and created timeless graphics that can also target a young demographic of people who need to book A/C services themselves.

Within one month, Google My Business search results indicated that the company began to be more visible and attracting potential new clients, as seen in the graph. In May, the company only came up in searches 77 times with 89 views of the business profile. On July 1, the company came up in 151 searches and viewed 587 times.