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Marketing (+ Sales Enablement)

How you think your customers are searching for you, how they actually find you, how you want them to find you and how they desire not to be found requires a complex understanding of human behavior, psychology, analytics, and market research. While the day-to-day actions of sales and marketing differ, the goals are the same: convert leads into customers to drive sales and revenue for the business.

At Grozina, our approach is simple: we use our knowledge and skills to make you stand out in front of the right audience to get you the best results. We know how to shift mindsets, and get to the hearts of people who want to buy your product or service – and we will always do it honestly – because it is only this way that both sides of the table can benefit.

There are numerous different ways to market a product or service. Depending on the scope of work and budget, your marketing strategy can encompass a variety of traditional and digital marketing components such as:


The transition between marketing to sales is where a great majority of companies miss revenue. More often than not, marketing brings leads, but sales fail to follow up and convert them into customers for a variety of reasons unrelated to their capabilities as sales. A sales enablement component acts as a sales assistant that generates workflows, notifications, automated emails, lead assignments, lead scoring and targeted emails and content that enables sales to do just that – sell.