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Marketing & Advertising

We are a full-service marketing and public relations firm focused on results. How you present your brand is fundamental to your success. That being said, we make your advertisements not only get you noticed but get your customers to remember you. Good design takes time, but it’s also where marketing meets the art of persuasion. We get to the hearts and minds of your customers and we get them to purchase the product. Additionally, we can create media buying and advertising strategies tailored to sell your brand, product or event (with your budget in mind).

Media & International PR

From public speaking engagements, representing our clients at important events or getting them publicity in the right media format, we know that reputation is a key factor in your success. Our company provides thoughtfully designed media and public relations strategies that help our clients with the growth and success of their company and brand. With editorial and creative skills, our experience ranges from press releases, editorial placements and high-quality content designed for social sharing that creates engagement and builds reputations and brands. Our team also speaks a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin and has international links in the media industry should you wish to launch your product or brand globally.

Social Media Management

As the dynamics of our industry rapidly change, brands are required to think differently and to create new ways of targeting their customers. We do our research on brands to analyze and report on what works, and most importantly, what doesn’t, with your audience. We give guidance and solutions to achieve the public engagement and results that you desire and execute marketing campaigns and creative content on the most effective social media, digital or print platforms for your brand to ensure success.

Creative Content & Writing

Story-telling is an art. Do it right and clients will come to you (inbound marketing) rather than you having to go to them (outbound marketing). Companies who are looking to engage their audience locally, regionally, nationally or internationally must be able to articulate their brand in a compelling way to a variety of different cultures and forms, in order to create a change in consumer behavior. From speech writing to copywriting, our staff knows that content is fundamental to the success of your business. Our team speaks a variety of languages native to them, which makes for better quality content that leads to traffic and brand equity – globally.

Event Management & Promotion

Great event management comes with experience and we have it. From organizing events such as city-wide 4th of July fireworks celebrations to intimate affairs and private cocktail receptions, we’ve done it. We also work hard to create an effective event marketing strategy that promotes your event and reaches your target audience, as well as the press required to attend your events for the correct coverage. No event is the same and we understand how important it is to you, this is why we have experience managing tight budgets and making sure that your event starts and finishes on time.

Web Design & SEO

Starting with a comprehensive audit, we will tailor our services for you to ensure that your site and content is maximized through meta-tagging, link building and keyword sourcing to increase the organic visibility of your company on search engines like Google, as well as create better and more traffic to your site directly. Additionally, we will work with you to enhance your existing site or build a new one through a CMS such as WordPress. We also offer ongoing content creation and structural management services.

Branding & Logo Design

We believe that central to each company is their unique culture and identity – that which makes them stand out from the rest. This is why we think that the most important aspect of our branding work is the creative design and marketing collateral that sells your product or brand and enhances your reputation. We have worked with everyone from governments to small business owners in creating their brand and vision, while simultaneously being sensitive to their unique and individual personalities.

Crisis Management

You don’t want to be drafting your first crisis management strategy the day a crisis strikes. You need professional and expert advice with all the tools in place to proceed calmly, with grace and in control of the situation. Our team will help you construct a tailored crisis management strategy from briefing the media, organizing press conferences and how to deal with both press and client enquires. In case of a crisis where PR advice is urgently needed, do not hesitate to contact us at 305-901-9458.